Geoffrey Bloody Chaucer (rndroponyernose) wrote in dinosaurs_itl,
Geoffrey Bloody Chaucer

I always get paranoid that this community is dying. Then again, it would probably help if I lj'ed more regularly than once every 5 years.

Still, I propose a dinosaur-related game.
How about a ...scavenger hunt?

Here follows a list of things you must find images of:
Note: this transcends google images. Bonus points if you take the picture yourself.

x. neon coloured dinosaurs
x. green dinosaurs
x. dinosaur shaped food materials
x. something you might feed an iguanadon
x. something you might feed a tyranosaurus
x. a king dinosaur
x. a princess
x. ireland
x. the celtic sea
x. suspected locations for the littlest dinosaur's porch
x. if a film were made, people you would like to see cast as the dramatis personae of D.I.T.L.
x. dinosaur costume
x. fuzzy dinosaurs
x. funny dinosaurs
x. dinosaur bones.
x. dinosaur phones
x. dinosaurs at play
x. dinosaur underwear
x. dinosaurs in your everyday life
x. sexy dinosaurs
x. miscellaneous dinosaurs
x. musical dinosaurs
x. dinosaur songs
x. fighting dinosaurs
x. sleeping dinosaurs
x. scottish dinosaurs
x. your favourite dinosaur

or... create a storyboard (like the epic battle of the guinea pigs (c) MR) involving dinosaurs.
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